Supply Chain

Effective Supply Chain Management improves the financial position of an organisation by delivering value linked to the organisation’s corporate strategy. Our coaches will work across all aspects of the company supply chain including inventory, logistics, planning, transactional procurement, and strategic procurement.  SiG coaches will work […]

People & Leadership

Great leadership is motivating and inspiring people to believe in something beyond their self-limitations to achieve a result that benefits and adds value to themselves, their company, and the people they serve. Our coaches and training partners can help you realise the potential in your […]

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a mindset that embraces certain principles and tools to create a culture of excellence within an organisation. Operational excellence means every employee can see, deliver, and improve the flow of value to a customer. We coach and support our clients to create a culture […]

Engineering and Quality

Quality and Continuous Improvement support the engineering process to allow manufacturers to maximise their growth potential and achieve their business strategy. Our onsite coaching and related training courses promote the importance of building Quality and Continuous Improvement into the everyday processes in order to maximise […]

Finance & Cost

Overview Having leaders who are able to understand and manage costs is a vital element in achieving a company’s financial goals. Our financial coaches can help managers to understand all aspects of the accounting and cost processes and advise on more efficient costing methods to […]