Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

The Regional Growth Fund (RGF) pays for the highest quality external training providers to deliver the training required to improve the competitiveness of the participating company.

Companies are expected to match in kind – rather than cash – the value of the benefit they receive. For example each participating company has an agreed training plan tailored to their individual needs. The RGF pays for the training while the company’s “cost” is the value of the time of individuals participating in development training. A typical four-year programme is anticipated to be around £1.2 million of funded training and development, which would be matched by the participating company’s in-kind contribution.

The main eligible company costs will be the time of the individuals receiving and undertaking the training but other costs, such as travel expenses, materials, supplies, etc are also considered as the company’s in-kind contribution.

Sharing in Growth is intensive, holistic, and long-term. It covers all aspects of the company’s business, including:

Operations Excellence
Manufacturing Capability
Supply Mangament
Value Improvement
Company Strategy & Finance
Leadership Training

It involves on-the-job training, designed to address real issues in your business. Your company is fully supported by a team of specialists throughout the programme.

No, it is a whole company transformation programme, including strategy, leadership, and communication. It is underpinned by a long-term training program at all levels within the business.

A typical programme is expected to last for four years. The first four months will include a whole business diagnostic process, coupled with a leadership training programme and business strategy workshops, resulting in a bespoke training plan to address your company’s barriers to growth. The majority of the training is then delivered in years one and two, while years three and four of the programme focus on sustaining and embedding the improvements in skills and capability with support from industry specialists.

SiG provides sustained support for four years, supporting and training beneficiary staff to deliver specific improvements that positively impact the company. It can therefore be complementary to the SC21 framework and accreditation.

You may still apply so long as you meet the Sharing in Growth (SiG) eligibility criteria which are available here. Funding is provided under standard GBER rules for training and development.

Sharing in Growth is not limited to civil aerospace, so suppliers who are manufacturing for the defence aerospace industry are also eligible.

SiG has been set up as an independent company which operates autonomously. Rolls-Royce instigated the programme and continues to provide in kind contribution with expertise.

SiG has defined the appropriate reporting to manage a four year programme. The audit requirements are based on standard UK Regional Growth Fund obligations.

Please complete an expression of interest form which we will then evaluate to ensure your company meets the eligibility criteria to get the best out of the programme. If successful we will work with you for four months to diagnose your business improvement priorities and, provided your company is suitable for such a growth programme, then we will issue a programme contract.


Together the initial expression of interest evaluation and the diagnostic take around five months to complete. We can start when you send the expression of interest form.


No, there is no maximum revenue limit for a supplier participating in the programme. Please contact Jan Stevenson at to discuss your eligibility.