Mark Long of G&H Ilminster has been presented with his accreditation certificate after completing the Sharing in Growth Lighthouse Team Leader Academy.

Ilminster’s head of operations Barry Luke (far left) handed over Mark’s certificate witnessed by (L-R) SiG business transformation coach Kev McCarthy, operations executive Malcolm James and board member Nick Devey.

The SiG academy was launched in 2018 to develop highly talented leadership for this generation and the next by helping attendees understand what is expected of the team leader role and how to perform it successfully.

To date around 100 delegates have:

The six-month syllabus includes ten modules with eleven training days backed by one-to-one on-site coaching from Sharing in Growth’s experts to ensure that the learning is tailored to the individual and quickly embedded through implementation on the job. Delegates all visit SiG partners Toyota UK to study world class team leader standards in action.

In order to be accredited, delegates, who have completed the whole programme, must demonstrate practical evidence of their new behaviours and skills to satisfy both their sponsoring employer and a Sharing in Growth expert committee.