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Sharing in Growth boasts a remarkable decade-long history of orchestrating transformative journeys for businesses. Over the span of the last 10 years, we have spearheaded comprehensive business transformation programmes, collaborating with over 100 companies across a range of industries including aerospace, defence, offshore renewables, medical (NHS), Modular Methods of Construction (MMC), and nuclear sectors. From this experience, we have crafted an unfailing approach to successful business transformation:

Sharing in Growth process
Defining Direction 
and Purpose

Defining Direction
and Purpose

In the initial phase of our partnerships, we delve into cementing the business’s Vision, Mission, and Growth Strategy. Employing a meticulous approach of business strategy road mapping, our aim is to encapsulate the business’s aspirational goals into a focused 3-to-5-year plan.

The roadmap encompasses the following pivotal elements (if not already established):

  • VISION We establish a visionary framework, the “North Star,” which resonates deeply with the workforce, forging an emotional connection.
  • MISSION Defining the business’s goals and its broader significance. The mission statement becomes the bedrock upon which we outline the business’s 3-5 year objectives: encompassing Revenue, Profitability, Product Manufacturing Groups, and Product Market Groups.
  • STRATEGY Crafting a pragmatic 3-5 year roadmap that navigates the course toward realising the Vision and Mission. The strategy encompasses investment
Cultivating the Human Element: “Human Being”

Cultivating the Human Element:
“Human Being”

In the next phase of our engagements, we direct our attention to the heart of the business – its people. Acknowledging the adage that “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast,” we recognise that emotional engagement is pivotal for successful business transformation. A profound emotional bond is cultivated by allowing individuals to perceive their role in driving the Vision and Mission. The “Human Being” engagement process entails fostering robust employee engagement and cultivating high-performing teams. This journey involves the establishment of values and their corresponding behaviours within the organisational fabric.

Key features include:

  • SENIOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME A comprehensive 18-month leadership curriculum founded on 36 core principles, such as “Freedom within a Framework”, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, and “What’s in it for you, me, and us?”
  • ANNUAL EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEY An insightful annual assessment of engagement levels.
Fostering Action: “Human Doing”

Fostering Action:
“Human Doing”

to bolster both the competence and confidence of individuals and the operational processes. This transpires through targeted interventions carried out over 12-week transformation projects.

We ensure that these projects are in perfect alignment with the pre-defined Vision, Mission, and Strategy, underpinned by a robust governance structure.
Recognising our principles of business transformation for the individual business assessments, we conduct a business diagnostic around these three steps: