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There are many different ways to grow a business, each with their own unique benefits and challenges. Sharing in Growth believes there are 6 ways to grow your business, and our expert coaches can help you navigate successful implementation of the best growth strategy for the organisation.

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Growth through diversification of product, market, or customer. This strategy can help reduce dependency on a single source of income, and create a competitive advantage.



Growth through new product or service development and introduction. This can allow businesses to enter new markets, sell more to existing customers, or win new business from competitors.


Increasing market share

Growth through increasing market share based on competency. this strategy allows companies to operate on a far greater scale to increase profitability.



Growth through collaboration and partnership with another organisation to provide increased capability. This enables the opportunity to increase expertise and resources, boost revenue streams and reach new markets.



Growth through breaking into new markets based on your product or service range and competency. By expanding to new markets, the business can achieve cost savings through economies of scale.



Companies from different market sectors merge together. This strategy helps spread the risk across several businesses and helps target new markets.

OUR APPROACH TO business growth

As a business grows, it goes through stages, and each stage has its own challenges. In a fast-growing company, things might not work as smoothly as they used to, and managers might not be as effective because they have more to handle and oversee. Starting with the business strategy road-map, Sharing in Growth can help address your business growth challenge in the following ways:


Case studies

Produmax logo


Operating globally, Produmax work in partnership with many of the most prestigious aerospace manufacturers, to produce high quality machined components and assemblies. Recently, Produmax have consolidated two former operations at Otley and Yeadon into a purpose-built new facility.
The new facility in Baildon has the capacity to accommodate £20M sales turnover.

Produmax have a desire to capitalise on aerospace growth opportunities by increasing sales to existing customers and seeking new customers.
To overcome these challenges, Sharing in Growth supported Produmax to design and implement a series of solutions:

  • Strategy Workshops assisted Produmax in formulating their business development strategy and aligning the senior leadership team. Short, medium, and long-term business aims were identified by considering their internal and external drivers, product market groups and competitors. The ‘idea prioritisation’ and ‘linkage grids’ exercises identified a new opportunity with the potential of a 10% annual increase in turnover.
  • Market intelligence to actively sought out and gain an in-depth knowledge of the current and future aircraft build programmes. This has enabled Produmax to specifically target areas that align with their strategic direction.
  • Development of a customer experience in the new facility to showcase expertise to both new and existing customers.
  • Business development framework and visual pipeline developed in alignment with growth ambition.

The project has highlighted the benefit of being able to visually represent the Request for Quotation pipeline to all stakeholders. Significant sales opportunities can be revealed using strategy and prioritisation tools.

“The strategy workshops were very thorough and produced a clear hit list of targeted customers and industries. This, in turn, has culminated in three new customer approvals, a sales opportunity of over £5M per year, that is increasing, and site visits from two key primes and three tier one suppliers in the first nine months.”


Produmax statistics
Aeromet logo


Aeromet were facing several issues relating to business development, including the Business Development function achieving a limited level of growth, relying on traditional means of customer engagement – meetings, phone calls, visits, current relationships with the customers. Targeted with an objective of doubling revenue, it was clear that the Business Development team of one needed rapid expansion. To maximise on the growing team, new processes and strategic approaches needed development.
To overcome these challenges, Sharing in Growth supported Aeromet to design and implement a solution, comprising of several actions:

  • Meeting with senior stakeholders in the business to construct a Commercial & Technology Roadmap
  • Identification of strategic customers
  • Conduct market analysis; competitors, key customer requirements and key product market groups [slat cans, fuel connectors, engine components, fab conversions, aerodynamic surfaces]

This supported development of short, medium, and long-term business goals; linked to the company Vision, Mission and Values. Analysis of current performance on Quality Cost Delivery/Request for Quotation win rate and conversion rate, and visualisation of customer scorecards. This analysis led to the development of sales strategies and campaign plans for the top six customers, with clear accountabilities.
Project implementation has highlighted the importance of functions not working in isolation on their activities, goals, and objectives in order to support a common growth aim, as well as recognising the need to have appropriate visibility of progress, with frequent reviews using visual management.

“With the support from Sharing in Growth, we now have a revolutionary approach to Business Development, which will provide us the best opportunity to achieve our growth aspirations.”



Our Business Growth Team

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Hutchinson Engineering transformed through employee development, cost reduction, and strategic planning, driving £9.2 million offshore market growth.

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“Sharing in Growth employees have a shared sense of purpose that is evident in what every single person does every single day. It was clear from the very beginning of my time with the business that they have long fostered a culture whereby personal and professional development is genuinely encouraged. Through this, I have been afforded the opportunity to work with some incredibly skilled and experienced colleagues to my benefit and privilege.”
“Sharing in Growth has been the catalyst for taking our business to the next level.”

Tony Hague


PP Control & Automation

“Sharing in Growth have truly led a dazzling transformation for our business and we’re now on an accelerated growth path. I would heartily recommend Sharing in Growth. We look forward to delivering more growth together, as one SiG and AML team, for many years to come”
“Our growth rate is now 15% per year, with value added per person increasing. s. In the lighthouse area, they have gone from producing 2758 units per month to 4266 units per month.”

Josh Fade

Value Stream Manager

Gooch & Housego

“In a challenging commercial environment post Covid, the SiG coaches have worked tirelessly and meticulously to design, develop, and install multiple new process tools, ways of working, and support for all aspects of the business. They are extremely professional, patient and approachable, and for that we are extremely grateful. There is no doubt that joining the Sharing in Growth programme is one of the greatest opportunities that Sylatech has ever been presented.”
“Leap Cell implementation was a big challenge right from the beginning and was a game changer for Sigma. We are now achieving high performance levels on all our associated KPIs.”

Ionut Ardelean

Manufacturing Manager

Sigma Farnborough

“The Sharing in Growth programme offers us the opportunity to strengthen our business process capability and drive manufacturing efficiencies that will help us win new business and secure a bright future for our customers and staff.”

Alex Warnock

Chief Operating Officer

Gooch & Housego

“We were able to focus on one particular area in Fans, and with support, able to train the team with the goal of achieving a change in cost and delivery performance. We were delighted with the results achieved by the team and our colleagues at SiG”

Sheraz Ahmed

Managing Director

Ametek Air Technology

“With the help of Sharing in Growth, we were able to assess the current state and use the SiG toolkit to train the team with the goal of achieving a step change in quality, cost and delivery. The Poeton board is delighted with the results achieved by the team at all levels of the organisation and our colleagues in the SiG team.”

Mick Bignall

General Manager

Poeton Industries

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