Establish strong working relationships with key personnel within the beneficiary (MD / CEO senior leadership, functional leadership, change agents) to enable effective coaching/mentoring throughout the transformation program.

Coach and mentor beneficiary Senior Management in company vision, mission and values development and deployment.

Coach and mentor beneficiary Senior Management in business plan deployment and ensure alignment of transformation activity with it.

Assess and interpret the operational and financial performance of the beneficiary to continually determine and prioritise business transformation activity.

Assign and coordinate SiG functional resource to business critical transformation projects that support the beneficiary’s strategic goals.

Co-ordinate robust programme governance with the beneficiary. Manage the escalation of concerns with SiG and beneficiary Senior Management teams as necessary.

Deliver tangible business improvement through facilitating and coaching the effective application of lean tools including the development of best practice “lighthouse cells”.

Ensure all cross functional transformational activity is effectively managed and communicated using L0 program plans, L1 lead and lag KPIs, agreed SMART objectives and annual reviews.

Manage training budget and liaise with external training providers as appropriate.

Beneficiary – senior leadership including MD/CEO, functional managers, change agent, workstream owners

SiG – Business Transformation Manager (BTM), functional coaches, training coordinator

3rd party training provider – specifically Inspire, Global Integration and Project 7


  • Establish and maintain strong coaching relationships with beneficiary senior leadership and key stakeholders
  • Coordinate charter projects measuring plan v actual, understanding reasons for delay and assigning recovery actions accordingly
  • Chair weekly SiG team meetings with functional coaches to coordinate activity
  • Establish and maintain SiG visual management hub to support weekly team meetings and coordination of team activity
  • Transfer lean specialist knowledge to beneficiary through workshop delivery, teach point material and coaching
  • Deliver tangible business improvement through facilitating and coaching the effective application of lean tools and techniques
  • Coordinate the implementation of “lighthouse” best practice cells
  • Facilitate beneficiary weekly project charter review meeting until self-sustainable
  • Co-ordinate and support 3rd party training events, aligning SiG / beneficiary / training provider diaries in line with SiG training schedule


  • Lead update of 4-Box report and Level 0 charter, identifying support requirements and proposed recovery plans, submitting monthly on time and in full
  • Ensure beneficiary submits lead and lag KPIs and timesheets on time and in full
  • Facilitate monthly governance meeting with beneficiary Senior Leadership
  • Identify any gap condition to lead and lag KPIs and agree recovery actions with beneficiary
  • Manage escalation issues with SiG and beneficiary senior management
  • Review and interpret monthly operational and financial KPIs with beneficiary Senior Leadership


  • Review and update SiG maturity matrix, agree future focus with beneficiary
  • Review Hoshin Kanri/X-box with Senior Leadership to ensure alignment of transformation activity with business strategic objectives
  • Develop one best practice case study per beneficiary per quarter
  • Determine training forecast and manage budget against plan (bi-annual)


  • Conduct Employee Engagement Survey, collate results and feedback to beneficiary
  • Support beneficiary annual review preparation, co-ordinate SiG senior attendees and distribute minutes post review
  • Prepare agenda and support the facilitation of STAR (best practice sharing) days at designated beneficiary