Poeton Industries are delighted to welcome James Poeton-Bridgens as the fifth generation of the Poeton family to join as an active member of the business.

Complementing his school holiday work where he cut his teeth working in the laboratory, James brings a degree in chemical engineering from The University of Bath. He has spent the last 10 years post-graduation building a successful career in senior sales roles within the technology industry, most recently at Oracle Corporation.

Having joined at the beginning of October, James will now embark on a Group Management Training programme, spending time getting to know the business more thoroughly from the ground level up. James will work across all aspects of the business including sales and productions as well as getting hands on training processing components across the range of treatments available.

Darren Burge, Managing Director of Poeton Industries, commented:

u201cThis scheme will give James a sound understanding of what it is that makes Poeton a supplier of choice and will help him develop a fundamental understanding of the broad scope of the services Poeton provide. Ultimately this will enable James to become an effective member of the board, helping to shape the future direction of the business.u201d

Founded in 1898 by Arthur Thomas Poeton, the business has evolved over the years to become a leader in surface treatments, including the development of unique solutions that help engineers and manufacturers to push conventional materials to their limit. James follows George, William and Anthony Poeton to be part of the family business and in helping to shape the continued success and innovation within the surface treatment industry.

Darren continued:
u201cThis announcement represents an exciting new chapter in the history of Poeton, especially during these unprecedented times of the Covid19 pandemic and reinforces the family commitment to being a surface treatment supplier of choice.u201d