The journey is never ending…

Sharing in Growth is delighted to announce the launch of their Alumni programme, allowing existing client beneficiaries of the public-funded Aerospace programme to continue their journey through a commercial agreement. The pioneering companies to receive this subsequent activity are Amphenol Invotec and Winbro Group Technologies.

The need for continued investment

Amphenol Invotec & Sharing in Growth UK Ltd have been working together since 2014 through the RGF funded programme, focusing on increasing the competitiveness to succeed in ever-challenging global markets.

Having recently celebrated the conclusion of the funded programme the company achieved significant improvements to Quality, Delivery and Cost performance. As a result, Amphenol Invotec recognised the need for continued investment in their “People & Processes” and have recently signed a contract with Sharing in Growth to join their Alumni. This offering enables continued access to the “Insight & Intervention” of some of the UK’s best business coaches.

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General Manager, Tim Tatton said:

“Joining Sharing in Growth’s Alumni will allow us to continue our great partnership and enable us to continue our drive for excellence within an ever-challenging marketplace. The alumni program will focus heavily on TPM & process excellence built around AS13000 series standards & methodology.”

Ongoing business transformation

Winbro is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced machines and technologies based on non-conventional processes. Winbro high-technology machine systems produce cooling holes and forms in components used in the most demanding parts of aero and industrial gas turbines, as well as in high-precision applications in the semiconductor and medical industries.

Sharing in Growth has worked collaboratively with Winbro throughout the last 5 years supporting their transformation journey of the organisation. The continued success of this partnership has resulted in the development of people, processes, and culture, enabling Winbro to continue to meet industry challenges and evolve as they strive towards their business mission. The impact of the pandemic on the civil aerospace sector has presented a significant challenge to their future strategic aims and has acted as a catalyst to transform the business further. With the change in market conditions, it is more important than ever for Winbro to maximise performance to existing customers, identify and grasp new opportunities whilst prioritising the wellbeing of its employees.

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Winbro “reimagined”…

As part of the ongoing transformation of the business to a single UK site, Machine Systems will transition from Coalville to Shepshed in 2021 and be incorporated into the Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (MCoE) Business. The transition to a single UK site has been an aspiration for many years and this is seen as a strategic step in improving the overall coordination and collaboration within the business.

“Winbro reimagined” will see the growth of its presence in new markets globally and the creation of exciting new customer solutions. The creation and expansion of its Manufacturing Centre of Excellence established in Shepshed will be key to this future success. Winbro recognise the need for a relentless approach to improvement more than ever. Sharing in Growth is in a fantastic and privileged position given the relationship, knowledge, and experience of the company to support this drive for future success as a trusted partner.

Andy Page, CEO of Sharing in Growth, said:

“I am delighted to enter into a commercial agreement with Winbro to provide business improvement support. Winbro is a great example of an important UK Asset that has successfully developed through the publicly funded Sharing in Growth programme. It is a proud step for SIG that we have now been trusted to develop their people on a purely commercial basis as Winbro looks to develop even further.”

The transition from a public-funded support programme to commercially-funded support is a significant venture that will allow Sharing in Growth to continue to develop great companies for years to come.